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Small City Vibe, Big City Resources

February 24, 2017 by Midlothian Economic Development

When choosing a job, many employees consider the quality of life in the region the job is located. For companies, this can be a major factor in site selection.

In both cases, the factors that make up quality of life (e.g., recreation, local schools, safety, climate) do not always correlate with the resources and interests a big city holds. For many site selectors, this means seeking the best of both worlds, a big thriving city with great nearby resources for employees to find comfort in...

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Why Quality Life Actually Matters for Site Selection

February 07, 2017 by Midlothian Economic Development

Take a look at the list of factors site selectors consider when choosing a location. Odds are, they're not too different. Labor availability, workforce costs, energy reliability, highway access typically rank high on their list of factors for site selection. However, there is one additional factor that should never be overlooked: quality of life.

Often ushered to the back burner, quality of life may not be a well-known driving factor in the site selection process, but it frequently boasts...

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Site Selection Factors You Might Not Have Considered

December 12, 2016 by Midlothian Economic Development

When Texas holds the ranking for best business climate year after year, what does that really mean? What site selection factors play into the successful environment Texas businesses continue to enjoy?

According to Community Builders, a state’s ranking shouldn’t just focus on the economic development policy, but also the state’s perception of the general business community. Luckily, Texas tops both. This ranking comes from our exceptional executive survey ranking, the number of new...

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Residential Construction Continues to Boom in Midlothian

According to the most recent School District Strategies report, residential construction activity doesn’t show any sign of letting up in the Midlothian Independent School DistrictThe report indicates builders started 167 and closed 95 new homes in the district during the first quarter of 2016. This represents the most starts in a quarter in more than 6 years and the most first-quarter closings since 2008.

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Midlothian, Texas: A Safe Place to Live


When it comes to raising a family, having the sense that your community is safe, is near and dear to most parents’ hearts.That’s because a safe environment provides the framework for all other daily life activities.

Thanks to ample job opportunities, quality homes, and an affordable cost of living, relocation trends across the nation show a steady stream of new residents making their way to Texas.

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E.T. Tobey Company: Why Midlothian?

















Few things can tell a community’s story better than its business residents’ insights. This is why we created the “Why Midlothian?” series

In this series, Midlothian companies share their experiences, observations and impressions about why Midlothian has proven a great fit for their business needs. We hope their stories will inspire you to consider how you can make something great with us in Midlothian.

A Conversation With … Tami Tobey, Owners,...

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Heroes Packing Company: Why Midlothian?


This post is part of our “Why Midlothian?” blog series.

We interviewed Kayla and Brock Owens, owners of Heroes Packing Company, to discuss why they chose to make something great in Midlothian.

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APRIL: Monthly Midlothian Business Breakfast


Every month, Midlothian Economic Development and the Chamber of Commerce invite business professionals and industry leaders to meet, greet, and eat at the Midlothian Conference Center. The purpose of our monthly Midlothian Business Breakfast is to provide methods, tools, and techniques that attendees may use immediately in their organizations.

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Midlothian at a Glance: Educational Integrity

While the southern Dallas-Fort Worth suburb of Midlothian has evolved tremendously over the past two decades, one thing has not changed: the community’s commitment to superior education. As the community has rapidly increased in population, city and local leaders have continued to ensure that Midlothian's education system remains a top priority.

In fact, the Midlothian Independent School District (MISD) is frequently cited by residents as the key reason they were drawn to this school...

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DFW’s Entrepreneurial Engine


“North Texas, for 1,000 reasons, is easily one of the best places for entrepreneurs to get started,” billionaire sports owner, TV celebrity and entrepreneur Mark Cuban told a crowd during his keynote speech at the North Texas Commission’s 44th Annual Members Luncheon September 24, 2015.

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