Resolving Site Selection Problems With Midlothian Permitting

December 12, 2016 by Midlothian Economic Development


When a company is expanding or relocating, there is one thing that is always certain: time is of the essence.

And there are few things that can put the brakes on a site-selection project like permitting and approvals. Whether it’s a personnel issue, paperwork problem or miscommunication, the seemingly simple act of permitting can turn into a business owner’s worst nightmare if things don’t go according to plan.

Fast-Track Forward

A rising star on the North Texas landscape, the community of Midlothian is well-versed in keeping businesses on track when it comes to getting up and running smoothly.

Located just 26 miles south of Dallas-Fort Worth, the community of 35,000 is home to a host of manufacturing and industrial firms of all sizes. City leaders are no strangers to navigating the sometimes-challenging waters of federal, state and local regulations – from EPA requirements and business licenses to fire inspections, planning and zoning approvals, and more.

Above all, Midlothian understands that time truly is money. We also understand that businesses need answers.

  • What permits do I need?
  • How quickly can I get these done?
  • Who can walk me through this process?

Know that Midlothian city leaders are focused on streamlining this process and guiding businesses through every step forward.

Key Connections

From the first phone call, our office will coordinate the meetings necessary for your specific project’s needs. Thanks to our strategic partnerships, we can facilitate introductions to the city’s Development Review Team which includes individuals in the planning, engineering, public works, and fire departments. In other words, we can get your company in front of the people who make a difference.

Westlake Village, Calif.,-based Applied LNG discovered this firsthand when the company selected Midlothian for its new plant. The permitting process proved a positive experience throughout the course of the $150 million project, which began in May 2013 and culminated with a ribbon cutting in October 2015. The plant represents the first liquefied natural gas production facility in North Texas.

“In California, it’s a painful process to jump over regulatory hurdles,” explained Ed McKenna, CFO/Interim CEO of Applied LNG. “If you can ensure all resources are available to produce products, but can’t turn on the plant because of tight regulations, you just have a pile of machines sitting on dirt. While the permitting process is never easy, relative to other projects we have completed, the Midlothian process was by far the easiest.”

Strategic Support

Applied LNG is just one of many business success stories in Midlothian. Our community has a shining track record of retaining existing industry and fostering new development thanks to a combination of genuine attention to unique business needs and a steadfast commitment to securing the required resources. 

Whether assisting with a site search, addressing workforce needs or facilitating a project’s review and permitting process, we will be your top advocate – and we will eliminate unnecessary bureaucracy along the way. The bottom line is that your business success is our top priority.

We invite you to visit Midlothian online or in person. We may still be a smaller, growing community, but rest assured we can assist your company in big ways. 

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