Midlothian Spurs Manufacturing Momentum South of DFW


When it comes to traditional and advanced manufacturing, intellectual horsepower is a significant driver behind long-term success. This is one reason why Texas continues to shine as a hotspot for companies across a diverse set of industries – in particular, all types of manufacturing. Long heralded as one of the nation’s most robust business environments, the Lone Star state offers sweet Southern appeal for Texas manufacturing businesses.

Expansive road, rail, runway and river infrastructure, low taxes, a rich quality of life, and a civilian workforce of more than 13 million add up to the unique Lone Star lure.

With a history steeped in traditional manufacturing sectors including oil, gas, food processing and automotive, the state is also embracing the future through its high-tech semiconductor, electronics, aerospace, and information and communication technology industries – and more.

According to the Texas Economic Development Corp., Texas manufacturing employs nearly 874,450 people at an average annual salary of $71,500. 

As the manufacturing industry evolves and the United States seeks to sharpen its competitive edge globally, Texas continues to be a choice destination for manufacturing firms.

Midlothian: A Suburban Gem

On the North Texas landscape, the booming community of Midlothian (population 35,000) is well-positioned for manufacturing success. Situated just 26 miles south of Dallas-Fort Worth, the suburban gem has a proven track record of supporting Texas manufacturing firms.

Home to cement giants Ash Grove, Martin Marietta, and Holcim, as well as steel producer Gerdau, chemical distributor Buckley Oil and liquefied natural gas producer Applied LNG – to name a few – Midlothian is adept at cultivating a favorable environment for manufacturers.

The city’s advantageous location allows growing companies to tap into the diverse and capable North Texas workforce as well as a strategic network of area technical colleges and universities.

A variety of training and educational partnerships are possible thanks to the Midlothian Higher Education Center (MHEC) and the nearby Texas State Technical College (TSTC) in Red Oak. Additionally, in the bustling North Texas marketplace, where real estate can be scarce, Midlothian delivers a mix of industrial property selections set against wide open horizons.

The city’s 1,600-acre dual rail-served RailPort Business Park offers larger parcels of land and top-notch infrastructure. Current facilities include distribution centers for Target and QuikTrip. The mixed-use park is zoned heavy to light industrial and commercial, and features parcels from five to 200 acres.

Just across the highway from RailPort sits the newly minted Midlothian Business Park. In a bid to attract new business, the 140-acre shovel-ready site was designed with smaller manufacturing and distribution companies in mind.

Prime Location for Texas Manufacturing

A friendly regulatory environment and smooth permitting process make up the proverbial icing on the city’s offering of prime real estate options.

As a North Texas destination on the rise, Midlothian is working to ensure that it is equipped to meet the needs of existing businesses and companies yet to arrive.

We invite you to explore how Midlothian can contribute to your company’s long-term success. We think once you understand what we’re all about, you’ll want to make something great with us.

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