Midlothian Continues to Rank as One of the Safest Cities in Texas


A community’s safety record is a top priority in the site selection process. When it comes to expanding or relocating your business, it is critical to consider the new location’s quality of life.

What bearing will this location’s quality of life have on recruiting and retaining our necessary workforce? Texas usually offers a convincing response.

The Lone Star state’s property crime levels are significantly below national averages, being 24.97 per 1,000 compared to the national average of 40.43.

Closer to home, the North Texas town of Midlothian in Ellis County has been recognized for its safe environment and high quality of life for several years.

Most recently, Midlothian garnered accolades for ranking No. 19 on the "The Safest Cities in Texas 2019" list produced by the National Council for Home Safety and Security, and  No. 34 on Safewise’s "Safest Cities in Texas 2019” report.

Small-Town Charm, Big City Advantages

Midlothian is one of the fastest-growing cities in the Dallas-Fort Worth metro. In fact, the community jumped from a population of 17,316 in 2000 to 38,000 in 2018. Yet the booming suburb has managed to retain its small-town charm and friendly character, and safety is an important component of this picture.

Heralded for its vast amounts of land, supportive business environment, acclaimed educational system and upscale quality of life, Midlothian has proven itself a rewarding location for the cement industry, steel plants, manufacturing facilities, warehousing, and more.

“It is, without question, a blessing to be in a community that enjoys a relatively low crime rate. The absence of criminal activity enhances our citizens’ ability to enjoy visiting parks, retailers, eating at local restaurants, and attending events in our community. Living in a city with low instances of crime seems to lower anxiety about personal property and individual safety. This is extremely important to a community like Midlothian, which is growing at such a fast pace with families moving here to raise their children.”  —Midlothian Police Chief Carl Smith

A Steadfast Commitment to Quality of Life

Midlothian’s current environment, its physical location within the DFW metroplex, as well as its geography, all contribute to the city’s lower crime rates. The community’s evolution continues to be fueled by business development, a progressive educational system, luxury housing options, and waves of new residents.

Midlothian’s growth shows no sign of slowing anytime soon, with an estimated population of 44,075 in 2023. Yet Midlothian remains steadfast in its commitment to providing a secure, uncommon quality of life that welcomes the future while celebrating a rustic, rural heritage.

We invite you to explore Midlothian up close and personal. Discover opportunity from a Texas perspective.

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