How Quality of Life and Location Impact Business Success

MED-Blog-graphic-How-Quality-of-Life-and-Location-Impact-Business-Success (1).jpgIf downtown energy, fine dining, and professional sports events strike you as quintessential quality-of-life perks, then Texas will never disappoint thanks to metros like Dallas-Fort Worth, Austin, San Antonio, and Houston.

But what if your perspective on quality of life translates into wide open space, vibrant horizons, and a relaxed pace of life? Well, Texas delivers on that front too, consistently ranking as the best state for business.

And some cities, like the North Texas community of Midlothian, offer a little of all the above in one optimal location.

Happy Employees Make Good Employees

For companies on the move, quality of life must be considered in a site location decision. While it may not be at the top of the site selection criteria list, it does factor into what type of workforce can be attracted.

Whether a company needs young, millennial talent or more experienced baby boomer or Gen X employees, an area’s sense of place will likely come into play.

When it comes to workplace dynamics, the happiest employees are often the most loyal employees which, in turn, ensures the highest level of operational sustainability. But as the tapestry of our economy has changed, so too have the desires of employees.

In the last few years, studies conducted by Ernst and Young have revealed that achieving a work-life balance has become more and more difficult for employees. This is one of the reasons why quality of life is inching higher and higher on the barometer of important corporate site selection criteria.

As millennials, in particular, seek that coveted work-life balance and flexibility in the workplace, the connection to where they work becomes even more influential. In fact, many young employees today are selecting where they want to live and then securing a job, rather than the other way around. 

Delivering the Best State for Business

Certainly, quality of life can be interpreted in myriad ways. But cost of living and educational infrastructure are familiar pillars of this highly subjective element. Additionally, access to quality medical care, a safe environment, and proximity to recreational amenities are often cited as quality-of-life hallmarks.

These are just a few of the assets drawing residents and companies to Midlothian, Texas, a rapidly-growing community of 36,000 located just 30 minutes south of Dallas-Fort Worth. This thriving bedroom suburb offers an enviable blend of hometown charm, affluent living and convenient proximity to cosmopolitan flair.

And while many new residents see Midlothian, Texas as a great place to raise a family, savvy companies see a sizable labor pool as well as lucrative market access thanks to strategic highway, airport, and rail support.

Midlothian’s pro-business city leaders further help translate the city’s advantages into comprehensive solutions for ongoing business needs.

An exciting component of the extraordinary North Texas landscape, Midlothian’s available land, top-notch educational environment, and logistical assets fuse with Southern hospitality and unbridled community spirit to generate a distinctly different quality of life.

We invite you to explore Texas and Midlothian. We think you’ll agree that Texas is the best state for business. Our Lone Star style of “workable” and “livable” are the perfect match – kind of like Texas bluebonnets and spring. 

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