Midlothian ISD Continues to See Growth


Based on a report by School District Strategies (SDS) on residential activity in the Midlothian Independent School District (MISD) during the fourth quarter of 2016, it’s clear that the district is still among the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex’s leading growth sectors. 

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Other Highlights From the Report

  • MISD’s ranks 17th in the new home starts and 20th in most new home closings in 2016 compared to other 81 districts in Dallas-Fort Worth.
  • 92 percent of new home construction in MISD occurred within the City of Midlothian.
  • 56% of the district’s new home starts are located in subdivisions with average base pricing over $300K
  • District’s median new home price climbs to a record $321,848 at year-end 2016 (+2.2% Y-o-Y)
  • MISD enrollment is now 8,443.
  • ISD is projected to average 637 new homes per year
    through the 2018-19 S.Y. and 696 homes over the next 5 years 
  • The rate of annual new home closings is projected to climb to 700-800 units by 2020 if
    subdivisions in the northwest portion of the district are developed
  • District builders start construction on 588 new homes in 2016, 437 closings (+19.3% Y-o-Y)
  • Record quarter with 170 new home starts.

    Together, these facts point to a community that continues to lead in positive residential growth and is building the home infrastructure that supports both retail development and advanced industrial development.

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