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Businesses Leveraging Resources for Maximum ROI in Midlothian, TX

December 19, 2017 by Midlothian Economic Development

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For any company considering relocating or expanding operations, a location’s resources are instrumental to a final site decision.

While the availability of skilled labor, logistical accessibility and available buildings are all top criteria when it comes to choosing a site, local resources are part of the equation, as well.

Take, for instance, the issue of space.

In many markets across the nation, land is at a premium and buildings can be tough to come by. This is an area where Texas delivers above and beyond the usual expectations.

Land far and wide

As the second-largest state in the United States, behind Alaska, Texas is home to many of the nation’s largest metros – Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston, Austin and San Antonio. But even so, Lone Star land extends far and wide and leaves much room for development – within major metros, but also in their vibrant outskirts.

Just 26 miles south of the DFW metro, the rapidly growing suburb of Midlothian offers room to move – and more. In fact, the city’s newly developed Midlothian Business Park delivers site solutions for a variety of small and medium-sized operations.

With 138 acres of build-to-suit greenfield sites, it’s easy to imagine the possibilities for advanced manufacturing, distribution, warehousing, machine shops and more thanks to the park’s available sites ranging in size from five to 15 acres, its comprehensive infrastructure and strategic proximity to major highways and markets.

Just across Highway 67 from the new park, the 1,600-acre, dual rail-served RailPort Business Park offers additional options for operations zoned heavy industrial to light commercial.

Both parks deliver robust electrical, natural gas and water services.

When it comes to energy, Texas’ independent power grid and deregulated electricity market translates into power choices and bottom-line savings for industries.

And while water availability can be a concern in some U.S. locations, Midlothian is well ahead of the curve, thanks to visionary city planning.

Long-term water supply

Midlothian has two independent sources for raw water which include nearby Joe Pool Lake and the Tarrant Regional Water District (TRWD) raw water pipelines coming out of East Texas.

The city also has two separate water treatment plants; one pulling water from Joe Pool and the other drawing water from the TRWD pipelines which translates into some redundancy in the ability to supply water if there is ever an issue at one of the plants.

“The city is currently performing a water demand and water model study this year to assess the needs of requiring additional water rights and improvements to the distribution system,” said Midlothian City Manager Chris Dick. “In addition, the city continues to work with its wholesale customers to acquire additional raw water rights to cover their needs. Through strategic long-term visioning and planning, the city of Midlothian is poised to maintain its strong position of water availability for years to come.”

These local resources were just a few of the assets that helped attract companies including California-based Applied LNG, Texas-born-and-bred Buckley Oil and the recently opened Midlothian Towne Crossing shopping center.

Applied LNG opened North Texas’ first liquefied natural gas production facility in 2015 in Midlothian while Buckley Oil, one of North America’s oldest petrochemical companies, relocated its headquarters and distribution operations from Dallas to Midlothian in 2014. Both companies set up shop in Midlothian’s RailPort Business Park which is also home to distribution operations for Toys “R” Us, Target and QuikTrip.

Other corporate residents with established operations in Midlothian include industry heavyweights Martin Marietta, Ash Grove, Gerdau, Holcim, Dynegy and Chemtrade, to name just a few.

Positive support

While Midlothian is home to a host of larger corporations, the progressive suburb is also nurturing its entrepreneurial ventures and service-oriented operations.

Midlothian’s innovative spirit has emerged through companies such as InHome Genius, SK Energy, TexPlex Park and developments such as Founders Row and The Farmstead.

The seemingly non-stop influx of new residents, new rooftops and new businesses is evidence that Midlothian continues to gain momentum – and the activity shows no signs of slowing.

Without a doubt, the city’s available resources coupled with its upscale, rustic quality of life, stellar educational system and central North Texas location add up to a wealth of location advantages that are tough to beat.

We invite you to come explore Midlothian’s many benefits! We think you, too, will want to make great things with us.

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