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Residential Construction Is Booming in Midlothian, Report Shows

According to the most recent School District Strategies report, residential construction activity does not show any sign of letting up in the Midlothian Independent School District.

The report indicates builders started 209 and closed 179 new homes in the district during the first quarter of 2018. This represents the third-most starts in any quarter since 1998 and the second-most closings on record since 2006.

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Food Processing: When the Perimeter Is Perfect

Recent years have seen tremendous change in the food and beverage industry.

Industry analytics illustrate how big brands have taken a hit in marketshare while smaller, up-and-coming brands are making inroads into consumers’ wallets.

An increasing demand for more natural products sans artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives has resulted in waves of shoppers favoring the perimeters of grocery stores rather than the box-filled centers. In other words, a growing preference for fresher fare...

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Midlothian Workforce/Careers Scholarship Supports TSTC’s Tech Talent Pipeline

America has some challenging days ahead when it comes to filling manufacturing positions.

In fact, some industry experts compare the situation to a “perfect storm” fueled by retiring Baby Boomers, insufficient STEM education for American youth, and an opioid epidemic that is especially plaguing manufacturing-centric regions of the United States.

This dismal forecast dovetails with the consensus of other industry projections, including the oft-cited 2015 study done by the Manufacturing...

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Solving the Skilled Labor Shortage in Food Manufacturing

A talented workforce is crucial to the food manufacturing industry, but skilled labor supply is running low across the nation. As Industry 4.0 continues to grow, manufacturing will become increasingly reliant on “middle-skill” and “high-skill” jobs, ranging in education level from technical certifications to PhDs. Yet, experts predict a surplus of 95 million unskilled workers by 2020. This skilled labor shortage is what food manufacturers across the U.S. are citing as their most critical...

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