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5 Ways to Boost Morale in the Manufacturing Workplace

As with any professional environment, maximizing your employees’ potential and production power is critical to long-term success.

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Why Midlothian? Methodist Health System

Few things can tell a community’s story better than its business residents’ insights. This is why we created the “Why Midlothian?” series

In this series, Midlothian companies share their experiences, observations and impressions about why Midlothian has proven a great fit for their business needs.

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3 Ways Automation Efficiencies Improve Advanced Manufacturing Assembly Lines

While many advanced manufacturing workers are fearful for their jobs with the influx of technology in the industry, there are many benefits to be reaped from the addition of automation and artificial intelligence in assembly and production lines.

The reality is that the inclusion of new technologies has created efficiency and supply chain possibilities that were previously unimaginable. This Industry 4.0 movement has not only facilitated greater productivity and lower costs, but offers a...

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Lone Star Advantages Spur Manufacturing Growth

While it’s true that manufacturing in the United States is not what it once was — this is not necessarily a bad thing.

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The Future of the Advanced Manufacturing Workforce

In many ways the future is here. Artificial Intelligence (AI), smart-home technology, and other inventions of science fiction past have come to reality in quick succession, transforming lives and businesses everywhere. However, these changes have also created new problems to solve, and new concerns about technology in our lives. Perhaps the most prevalent of the concern surrounds the future of the workforce.

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