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Building a Better Culture: The Power of Autonomy and Happiness in Business Success

The business world is increasingly concerned with culture. From tech giants like Google to consumer product groups like Proctor & Gamble, companies are re-imagining and re-focusing their attention on their company culture and employees. But what is it that makes a great company culture? And why is it so important? Chances are if you ask any company with a top-rated culture, you’d get very different answers. Some are more conjecture than factual, but what all successful company cultures have...

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How Quality of Life and Location Impact Business Success

If downtown energy, fine dining, and professional sports events strike you as quintessential quality-of-life perks, then Texas will never disappoint thanks to metros like Dallas-Fort Worth, Austin, San Antonio, and Houston.

But what if your perspective on quality of life translates into wide open space, vibrant horizons, and a relaxed pace of life? Well, Texas delivers on that front too, consistently ranking as the best state for business.

And some cities, like the North Texas community of...

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Where Will Top Cities Dependent on Manufacturing Turn?


The manufacturing revolution is upon us. While the manufacturing and industrial labor markets are changing, they still remain a powerful force in the country. However as the industries evolve and cities face restraint, it leaves us wondering, where will they turn?

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