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APRIL: Monthly Midlothian Business Breakfast

Every month, Midlothian Economic Development and the Chamber of Commerce invite business professionals and industry leaders to meet, greet, and eat at the Midlothian Conference Center.

The purpose of our monthly Midlothian Business Breakfast is to provide methods, tools, and techniques that attendees may use immediately in their organizations.

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A Leading Landscape: Midlothian's Utility Infrastructure

Is there enough? How much does it cost? How flexible will the utility be to work with? How long will it take to get service? What is the reliability history of this particular location? What other services can the utility provide?

These are just a few of the many questions an expanding or relocating company must ask about utilities during the site selection process.

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Midlothian at a Glance: Tax Incentives & Resources

Expanding a business is a complex matter. The fast-growing North Texas community, Midlothian, understands an expanding company’s need to get operations running as quickly and efficiently as possible. Here in Midlothian, our goal is to make the process as uncomplicated as possible.

Business investment is a valuable commitment on many levels; therefore our city and local leaders strive to go above and beyond the standard details to support companies.

With its track record of rallying around...

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Midlothian at a Glance: Educational Integrity

While the southern Dallas-Fort Worth suburb of Midlothian has evolved tremendously over the past two decades, one thing has not changed: the community’s commitment to superior education. 

As the community has rapidly increased in population, city and local leaders have continued to ensure that Midlothian's education system remains a top priority.

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Midlothian at a Glance: Workforce Dynamics

People are the undeniable power behind every successful business. It’s the people that prove why Texas workforce ranks as one of the most critical site selection factors for relocating and expanding businesses.

In today’s global business environment, operating costs, consistency, and efficiency are imperative to long-term success – all factors which are largely impacted by employee performance.

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