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People are the undeniable power behind every successful business. It’s the people that prove why Texas workforce ranks as one of the most critical site selection factors for relocating and expanding businesses.

In today’s global business environment, operating costs, consistency, and efficiency are imperative to long-term success – all factors which are largely impacted by employee performance.

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The Texas Workforce

The Texas workforce (roughly 13 million people) is a major draw for growing businesses seeking a diverse, educated, and productive pool of potential employees.

Texas has consistently enjoyed positive economic news. In 2015, the Lone Star state was recognized as the “Best State for Business” and “Best State to Make a Living” in Chief Executive Magazine and Forbes Magazine, respectively. In November of 2015, the Texas Workforce Commission also reported 16,300 new jobs.

Capitalizing on the dynamic environment of the 13-county Dallas-Fort Worth metro, the rapidly growing community of Midlothian has much to offer prospective companies – including access to the region’s 3.4 million-strong labor market.

Midlothian Draws Top-Notch Talent

Located at the intersection of U.S. highways 67 and 287, a convenient 26 miles south of Dallas and Fort Worth, Midlothian (pop. 34,000) appeals to an expansive network of wage earners.

As an employment center with established corporate residents, Midlothian draws employees from the local area and all directions across the DFW metro.

In fact, there is no shortage of North Texas residents within an easy commute of Midlothian:

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Gerdau, an international steel manufacturer, is just one of many businesses that has benefitted from a Midlothian location and the area’s workforce.

“Gerdau’s Midlothian mill is established in our community with more than 40 years of manufacturing in the area,” said Greg Bott, vice president and general manager of Gerdau’s Midlothian mill. “We pride ourselves on our strong workforce of nearly 1,000 employees, and we work to invest in them and their safety, which is a core value for us.”

Currently, Gerdau has a workforce of roughly 867 employees with another 120 to 160 contractors who commute to the steel mill from a variety of locations.

“Our employees come from any of the surrounding areas within 100 miles,” said Bott. “Most employees live in Ellis and Johnson Counties, but since we work 12-hour rotating shifts, some live much further away and stay local while they are on shift.”

Other corporate anchors in Midlothian include cement companies Martin-Marietta, Holcim, and Ash Grove, while Midlothian’s RailPort Business Park is home to Target, QuikTrip, Applied LNG, Buckley Oil, Western Power Sports, and GDF Suez.

MidTexas International, SWFA Outdoors, and U.S. Polyco, also maintain successful operations in Midlothian.

Intellectual Infrastructure

Thanks to customized training, Texas businesses have tools to advance their employment foundation to even greater heights. With assistance from the Texas Workforce Commission and Skills Development Fund training grants, firms can tap into local educational resources for tailor-made training opportunities.

With collaboration between businesses, technical colleges, workforce development boards, economic development partners, and the local community, employers can address workforce needs efficiently and effectively with targeted training. Approved in 2012, the Midlothian Higher Education Center (MHEC) is one of a select few Multi-Institution Education Centers in Texas, offering access to upper-level and graduate courses as well as continuing education opportunities.

With a partnership between Navarro College, Texas A&M–Commerce, and Tarleton State University, MHEC ensures that businesses and area residents alike can tap into an education platform designed to support an environment of learning and improved workforce efficiency.

Additionally, area companies can also partner with Texas State Technical College (TSTC) in nearby Red Oak to upgrade employee skills.

For Gerdau, a Midlothian location has proven to be complementary to the company’s workforce training efforts.

“The majority of our training is completed in-house,” said Gerdau’s Bott. “Many of our vendors provide customized training on their equipment and processes, and we are currently partnering with TSTC in Red Oak to perform all of our maintenance operator training.”

Beyond workforce training, MHEC offers opportunities for employees to further their degrees.

“Some of our employees are working on their bachelor’s degree at MHEC and this is covered through our tuition reimbursement program,” said Bott.

With substantial labor recruitment opportunities, a solid educational network, and avenues to state and local training assistance, Midlothian is committed to helping area companies harness the power of the Lone Star workforce.

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