Colliers International Broker: Why Midlothian?

February 29, 2016 by Midlothian Economic Development

Colliers International Broker Why Midlothian

Few things can tell a community’s story better than its business residents’ insights. This is why we created the “Why Midlothian?” series

In this series, Midlothian companies share their experiences, observations and impressions about why Midlothian has proven a great fit for their business needs.

We hope their stories will inspire you to consider how you can make something great with us in Midlothian.

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A Conversation With ... Tom Pearson, Executive Vice President at Colliers International

Tom Pearson and Chris Teesdale, are industrial real estate brokers with Colliers International, representing around 200 acres in Midlothian, including the Midlothian Business ParkTom and Chris have collectively over 70 years experience in industrial real estate and have identified Midlothian as an excellent opportunity for industrial growth within Dallas’ southern sector. Their Supply Chain Real Estate Advisors team helps companies match supply chain strategies with optimal real estate solutions. 

The Midlothian Business Park will attract a range of projects including those needing heavy industrial zoning, while offering a competitive highway, airport, and railroad infrastructure. Conveniently positioned 30 minutes south of Dallas, the lot sizes range from 3 to 10 acres with access to natural gas, water, and sewer utilities. In this feature, Tom tells us why prospective companies should consider Midlothian.

Midlothian Economic Development: How did you first become involved in Midlothian?

Tom Pearson: I’ve spent a significant amount of time working on industrial real estate south of Dallas, and I understand the growth potential that exists in the southern sector. When I was looking for a city with adequate land, I turned to Midlothian.

We needed a park with developed sites that we could offer businesses and discovered that the Midlothian Business Park was an ideal location. There’s no doubt Midlothian is growing due to its supply of available land; Colliers International wanted to capitalize on their substantial growth to attract businesses within the park.

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MED: Why would a prospective business choose to locate in Midlothian?

TP: There’s simply a lot of land in Midlothian. The infrastructure of the major arteries offers great accessibility, not only to Dallas and Fort Worth, but also throughout the U.S. with Hwy-45 and Hwy-120. With this in mind, Midlothian has become a clear option and an ideal city for development opportunities.

When evaluating the development market in Midlothian, the skilled workforce, ease of logistics, and proximity to major hubs is why Midlothian is growing in both population and numbers. I was impressed with the demographics of Midlothian — a population of 34,000 with a median household income of $80,000 — as well as the low unemployment rate.

MED: From a broker's perspective, what is Midlothian's competitive advantage?

TP: Midlothian Economic Development brings all of the appropriate city staff into a room to go through the entire permitting process and work with businesses to help facilitate approvals — you just can’t beat the convenience and efficiency.

MED is actively recruiting and engaging in aggressive outreach. Some economic development teams wait for the phone to ring, but Midlothian is constantly connecting individuals throughout the community. For example, Larry and Jennifer will setup a meeting to connect an architecture group with a development team — this is very rare for other communities.

In addition, Midlothian is checking all the necessary boxes to attract companies, such as business amenities, conference centers, shopping centers, nearby hotels, and more. Few southern-sector cities have all of those things.

MED: Why is Midlothian a good place to do business?

TP: What really struck me about Midlothian is their progressive thinking. Besides Larry Barnett having a keen understanding of architecture and quality, he has a passion to build on the excellent community that already exists. Because Midlothian has a highly educated workforce, a large supply of land readily available, and a relatively affluent community, it’s simply a good place to do business.

Midlothian is a champion of relationships; they build upon the businesses added to the community, while also taking the time to understand each industry as their own. Colliers International goes where the opportunities are, and as a result, we’ve sold a lot of land in Midlothian. I understand their story, and we want to stay involved in the southern sector as it continues to grow.

MED: What advice would you give other companies considering locating in Midlothian?

TP: Overall, Midlothian meets the requirements — proximity to the major interstates; ability to reach customers at the lowest cost and in a timely manner; large labor pool of skilled and semi-skilled workers; an attractive economic incentive package; a promising quality of life; and progressive community-minded leadership.

Midlothian has a lot of features that are more attractive than other southern-sector cities. They’re becoming a competitive job creator within the manufacturing industry, and they understand the business proficiently. The city has been home to industrial manufacturing for decades, and the Midlothian Business Park is not one to overlook for practical site selecting.

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