Partnerships for Progress: Gatehouse Capital

November 16, 2015 by Midlothian Economic Development


When it comes to economic development and moving a community forward, relationships are critical. Like most relationships in life, the best business relationships are built on integrity and fueled by mutual respect, trust and time. Oftentimes, a solid professional relationship can be the catalyst for an exciting opportunity.

One great example of this is Midlothian Economic Development's relationship with Marty Collins, owner of Gatehouse Capital and developer of the Courtyard by Marriott project currently unfolding along Highway 287 adjacent to the Midlothian Conference Center.

Midlothian Economic Development's alliance with Marty Collins has led to the addition of a top-notch corporate citizen that will help take the Midlothian community to the next level.

Larry Barnett and Chris Dick with Midlothian Economic Development and Applied LNG CEO, Ed McKenna

Midlothian Economic Development's Efforts

While the fruits of Midlothian Economic Development's (MED) efforts may not always be so visible, MED continually works behind the scenes to cultivate new partnerships locally and nationally.

Each week, MED taps into fresh markets, talks with prospects and shares its message coast to coast with inquiring companies, brokers and consultants.

Businesses all over the world are interested in Texas, and Midlothian is gaining attention as a lucrative location thanks to its pro-business environment, available land, quality educational assets and luxury housing options.

Midlothian’s evolution from a small cattle and cotton town to present-day dynamic gem is nothing short of remarkable. New residents continue to flock to Midlothian, houses continue to spring up and the community continues to adapt.

MED is grateful for the community's strong existing business foundation and looks forward to welcoming new companies to its recently unveiled Midlothian Business Park on Highway 67.

Above all, Midlothian Economic Development strives to be mindful of its rural heritage and pursue business connections and projects that will complement the city’s thoughtful approach to growth. There is no doubt that Midlothian's best days are ahead.

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