Why Everything Really Is Bigger in the Lone Star State

October 17, 2019 by Midlothian Economic Development


Things really are bigger in the Lone Star State — skies, geography, the economy — and the Dallas-Fort Worth metro is no exception.

The metro area's population, now more than 7.5 million, grew by nearly 132,000 people in 2018, marking it as having the largest numeric growth in the nation. Over the past eight years, DFW has added more than 1 million people.

Increasingly, curious businesses on the outside of Texas are looking in, wondering what all the fuss is about.

State Resources Driving Industries Forward

Texas recognizes how important it is to maintain a business-friendly culture that helps the state’s economy grow dynamically, even during a recession.

Companies and workers alike are reaping the rewards of a Lone Star location: abundant jobs, affordable housing, plenty of land, no personal income tax, no corporate income tax, a vibrant economic climate, educational resources … and the list goes on.

Factor in Texas’ wide-ranging transportation and logistical advantages and a more than 13 million-strong workforce, and its appeal becomes crystal clear. These compelling revelations often culminate in a solid case for bottom-line profits, spurring companies from across the U.S. — and indeed, the world — to make a corporate trek south.

Texas' Booming Talent Pool

With a 13-million strong civilian labor force, 50 community college districts, and 36 public universities, there are millions of capable and skilled workers that reside in Texas. The beauty of the workforce landscape is the ability to tap into multiple industry-specific pools of qualified labor.

Spread across various regions is a wide variety of labor pools that continue to grow a strong Texas business environment, from powerful computer technology pockets to aeronautics and energy markets. Further, Texas Workforce Commission’s (TWC) Skills Development Fund helps organizations fund their training needs. Through this fund, a business or consortium of businesses can partner with TWC and a public community or technical college to develop a customized workforce training program.

The Lure of the Texas Landscape

The Lone Star state has been a consistent favorite among expanding businesses, site selection consultants, commercial real estate brokers, and – increasingly – West Coast companies.

We welcome the opportunity to introduce you up close and personal to show why Texas consistently ranks as the best state for business. Our state’s collaborative philosophy and commitment to global competitiveness speak volumes of the corporate climate that shapes the Texas landscape.

Are you convinced that Texas is tops for its pro-business environment? If not, download our infographic on Texas vs. Competing Markets to learn the hard facts and strong statistics that support what makes the Lone Start State so great.

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