Midlothian Boasts Young, Educated Workforce

September 12, 2019 by Midlothian Economic Development


"Experienced. Talented. Dedicated. Best at what they do."

This is how Midlothian, Texas, business managers describe their employees.

Located in Ellis County and part of the dynamic 12-county Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington MSA, Midlothian offers a lucrative location for companies in search of versatile, skilled labor.

A Booming Talent Pool

One of the fastest-growing cities in the DFW area, Midlothian’s population has boomed over the last decade, reflecting an ever-increasing population of 38,000. Showcasing a solid commitment to community, quality education, and small-town values, Midlothian provides a rich environment for growing businesses.

As an employment center with established corporate residents, Midlothian draws employees from the local area and from all directions across the DFW metro. Strategic highway accessibility and proximity to DFW translate into a robust supply of skilled workers.

Midlothian's available workforce includes more than 362,000 people within a 20-minute radius, 1.3 million within 30 minutes, and 3.9 million in a 45-minute radius. 

Residents out-commute and in-commute to jobs every day, thanks to long-time corporate residents including Gerdau, Martin Marietta Materials, Lafarge Holcim Texas, Luminant, Ennis Inc., Ash Grove Cement, and more.

Additionally, MidTexas International, Walmart, and distribution centers for Target and QuikTrip consistently attract a steady flow of employees.


As Texas continues to experience job growth, it’s no wonder that businesses and prospective employees alike continue to flock to the region. Other numbers that highlight the area’s young, educated, and industrious workforce include:

  • The median age of residents is 36.6, below the national median age of 37.4.
  • Among those age 16 and older, 69.2 percent were employed from 2013 and 2017, as compared to the national rate of 63 percent.
  • Median household income is $76,875, as compared with the national average of $57,652. 
Midlothian's Educational Integrity

The city’s population is continually fed by new residents who often cite the Midlothian Independent School District’s stellar reputation as instrumental in their location decision.

With an enrollment of more than 9,400 students and 1,000 employees, MISD is expanding its number of schools to keep pace with the growing student population. The district encompasses 112 square miles, two high schools, two middle schools with a third middle school under construction — and seven elementary schools.

Further, MISD students benefit from top academic standards, high expectations, and quality facilities that enhance their overall achievement.

At 22.0, Midlothian’s 2017 composite ACT score is above state (20.3) and national (21.0) averages, and is testament to MISD’s commitment to educational excellence. The district’s 2017 average SAT score of 1,111 is also at or above state and local averages.

Additionally, 93 percent of individuals age 25 years are high school graduates or higher as of 2017, exceeding the state and national averages of 82.8 and 87.3 percent, respectively.

Of course, test scores are just one illustration of MISD students’ exceptional performance. Guiding students toward future careers, Midlothian High School prepares tomorrow’s workforce using college dual credit classes and its Career & Technical Education Program, which offers technical instruction and on-the-job training experience.

MISD also strives to help companies stay ahead of evolving global marketplace demands through public-private partnerships, targeted industry training, and events such as career expos.

A Solid Foundation for Thriving Operations

Thanks to Google's commitment to building educational opportunities in the communities in which it operates, the tech giant made a significant investment in Midlothian with a $100,000 grant to MISD for the development of STEM programs.

Midlothian offers a solid foundation on which to build successful operations, and Google will join the ranks of many other companies flourishing on that foundation.

Alphabet Inc.’s Google recently broke ground on its first data center in the Lone Star State. The $600 million project taking shape on 375 acres in Midlothian’s RailPort Business Park along U.S. Highway 67 will eventually result in 40 full-time jobs, as well as hundreds of construction jobs.

Cultivating a diverse, creative and empowered workforce is just one way Midlothian is helping its companies ensure long-term success.

In any business expansion and site selection decision, labor availability is a critical consideration. But quality labor can make all the difference.

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