Triple-Digit Growth in Midlothian Spurs Lively Economy

February 04, 2015 by Midlothian Economic Development


North Texas has been heralded for its remarkable growth patterns in recent years, and Ellis County’s Midlothian is an exciting component of that picture.

Situated 30 miles south of the Dallas-Fort Worth metro, Midlothian has rapidly developed in recent years into an upscale community offering urban amenities and high-end housing paired with a semi-rural quality of life.Once defined by cotton, cattle, and rail in its earliest days, Midlothian has evolved into a hub of activity spurred by a thriving industrial base and a solid educational system while retaining its small-town charm.

Midlothian's city populationExisting and new residents often cite Midlothian’s available land, convenient proximity to Dallas-Fort Worth amenities, and the community’s school district as key quality-of-life advantages.

One of the greatest indicators of Midlothian’s success is the triple-digit population growth the city has experienced in the past 15 years.

Midlothian’s city population has increased by 185 percent since 2000, according to a report by the City of Midlothian, expanding from roughly 7,500 residents in 2000 to 21,347 residents in 2014.

When residents living just outside city limits are factored into that equation, the community’s population jumps to more than 31,000.

A Booming Housing Market

Midlothian’s booming housing market provides compelling evidence of the allure the area holds for new residents. According to Midlothian ISD’s third quarter 2014 District Housing Activity Report, there were 115 new home starts and 117 closings during the third quarter.

While the DFW market showed an impressive 13 percent year-over-year increase in annual residential closings, MISD’s growth rate during that same period soared to 38 percent.

Additionally, MISD had 856 fully developed vacant lots on the ground as of September 2014, and 630 future lots are currently under development, the most in over nine years.

Developers are planning an additional 16,000-plus single-family lots, translating into a steady supply of new residents and an increasing student population.

Midlothian By the Numbers

MISD spans approximately 111 square miles in the 76065 zip code, which encompasses 31,605 residents. The district is ranked 17th in most annual new homes among Dallas-Fort Worth’s 82 districts.

Perhaps Midlothian Planning Director Kevin Lasher summed up the data best at the October 2014 joint meeting of the MISD school board of trustees and the city council when he said, “Here’s the report: the city is growing like crazy.”

He added that the numbers suggest that about two out of three people now residing in Midlothian have moved here since 2000.

Housing activity is taking shape in myriad subdivisions springing up in the Midlothian area, with median new home prices coming in at $283,545.

More than half of new homes — 66 percent — are selling in the $251,000-$500,000 price range, according to the MISD report.

By all indications, a progressive future punctuated by positive growth trends in population and housing continues to unfold, creating an optimal environment for citizens and growth-minded businesses alike.

A Glance At Midlothian's Business Landscape Infographic

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