Report Outlines Economic Development Opportunities


The economic development report, "Building a Better Midlothian," was presented Thursday, June 26, at the Midlothian Conference Center by Jay Garner and Tom Tveidt of Garner Economics LLC.

The report covers a wide range of economic development issues, including infrastructure recommended to attract new business development as well as recommendations on industries to target given the community's relative strengths and weaknesses.

Since October 2013, Garner Economics LLC has assisted Midlothian Economic Development and Midlothian Community Development Corp. in developing a plan that leverages the assets of Midlothian and strengthens its business climate and overall economic competitiveness.

Midlothian Economic Development and the Midlothian Community Development Corp. are working to be successful in the goal to grow primary employment jobs and amenities to increase the community's competitive position. The new strategic plan attempts to guide these efforts and continue the quality growth our city has experienced to this point.

To download the full report, click here.

About Midlothian Economic Development

Midlothian Economic Development is a nonprofit industrial development corporation with the purpose of promoting economic development — increasing the wealth of stakeholders within the city of Midlothian. The corporation was established in February 1999 under the Development Corporation Act of 1979, as amended, Article 5190.6 and is a Type A corporation under the Act.

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