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Texas’ Skills Development Fund Supports Tangible Training Solutions

It is no secret that North Texas is home to one of the fastest-growing metros in the nation.

In fact, from July 2015 to July 2016, Census Bureau figures revealed that the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex added 143,435 residents or roughly 400 people per day. Since then, Texas residents-to-be have continued to fuel this in-migration trend.

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The Advanced Manufacturing Skills Gap: What Are the Skills of the Future?

There has been a lot of discussion as to what the future holds for advanced manufacturing. The move to technology and automation in both assembly and production lines has created fears around job displacement and losses for manufacturers everywhere. The reality could not be further from this. In the U.K. alone, the addition of technology in manufacturing processes has added 3.5 million jobs compared to the 800,000 jobs displaced.

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5 of the Top Technical Training Programs Supporting DFW’s Automotive, Aviation & Manufacturing Companies

Texas is widely known as a top business destination for a variety of industries. And while cotton, cattle, and oil may historically come to mind, the versatile state has greatly diversified its economic base over the years.

Currently, Texas’ extensive business portfolio spans not only its flagship industries of petroleum refining and chemical products, but also advanced technology and manufacturing, automotive, aviation and aerospace, biotechnology, information technology, energy, and more.

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Selecting a Prime Location: The Importance of a Strong Workforce

January 20, 2017 by Midlothian Economic Development

As a site selector, there’s a plethora of factors that play into choosing a location for your business. Each holds heavy importance to the decision making process. However, breaking down the key factors helps site selectors make informed decisions that benefit the business in the long run. For instance, access to a skilled workforce can make or break a location.

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A Well-Positioned Workforce: Midlothian's Labor Market Climate

January 12, 2017 by Midlothian Economic Development


As Texas continues to experience job growth (seeing positive trends in 15 of the past 16 months), it’s no wonder that businesses and prospective employees alike continue to flock to the region.

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Site Selection Factors You Might Not Have Considered

December 12, 2016 by Midlothian Economic Development


When Texas holds the ranking for best business climate year after year, what does that really mean? What factors play into the successful environment Texas businesses continue to enjoy?

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Gerdau Midlothian Mill Awarded Skills Development Fund


Steel producer Gerdau, located in Midlothian, Texas, recently joined the ranks of Lone Star companies benefitting from the Texas Workforce Commission’s Skills Development Fund (SDF) grant.

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Midlothian at a Glance: Tax Incentives & Resources


Expanding a business is a complex matter. The fast-growing North Texas community of Midlothian understands an expanding company’s need to get operations running as quickly and efficiently as possible. Here in Midlothian, our goal is to make the process as uncomplicated as possible.

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Midlothian at a Glance: Workforce Dynamics


People are the undeniable power behind every successful business. It’s the people that prove why workforce ranks as one of the most critical site selection factors for relocating and expanding businesses.

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Midlothian, Texas: Building Tomorrow’s Workforce

While the global workplace has changed exponentially through the decades, what drives it has not. People are what have always been — and will always be — at the heart of any successful business.

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